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Monsters of Rock – Day 5

August 7, 2009

Today is the final day of the Monsters of Rock course and the group are preparing for the student concert at the Bath Spa University student union.

Session 1

We spent our first session rehearsing the structure of the songs chosen for the concert:

Sound check!

Sound check!

  1. ‘Summer of 69’ – Bryan Adams
  2. ‘Black Night’ – Deep Purple

We were scheduled to sound check at 11a.m. The class familiarised themselves with stage and organised where to stand when they perform later.

Session 2

After our sound check the class regrouped and continued to rehearse the songs back in the classroom. We were joined by Catrin, our singer for Deep Purple’s ‘Black Night’.

We practised the getting on stage drill. The class lined up in order of their stage position and rehearsed walking on stage, albeit a pretend one in class.

Session 3 & 4

Rehearsing their moves!

Rehearsing their moves!

One of the main goals of the Monsters of Rock class was to encourage students to interact with other musicians, make friends, feel confident when performing in front of new people and encourage students to take a lead role in instructing the class.

During the afternoon sessions we continued to encourage students to stand up, as a tutor, and take turns to teach the class a riff, or two. The exercise was very successful and everyone took the opportunity to take centre stage.