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Monsters of Rock – Day 2

August 4, 2009

Session 1

Wilf and Danny, on bass guitar, rehearse 'Summer of 69'

Wilf and Danny, on bass guitar, rehearse 'Summer of 69'

We began the days first session with a look into connecting together the five pentatonic positions. We worked on a number of soloing ideas over an A power chord backing track using the minor pentatonic scale.

We focused on developing vibrato technique using the first and third fingers of our fretting hand. We also used slides, bends, hammer ons, hammer offs and some right hand tapping ideas – for fun!

Session 2 & 3

During session 2 the class worked on the Bryan Adam’s hit ‘Summer of 69’, learning the four main sections of the song; verse, chorus, bridge and middle 8. The afternoon session (3) was our performance session, which involved, for the first time for many students, performing alongside a bassist and drummer in a band format.

Miles rocks out with his power chords!

Miles rocks out with his power chords!

The class was divided into two groups and both took turns to perform with the band while the other group were learning how to recognise song structures, forms and key changes.

Session 4 – Special Interest Classes

Todays final session was a special interest class dedicated to covering the Rockschool Awards. A vocational award that students can choose to be assessed for on the final day of the rock camp. The award is designed to reward students for their progress on their instrument, whether it be on guitar, bass or drums.